Monday, December 24, 2007

Hum Wo Log..!

Hum wo log...
We the People..
who love to stay in our air-conditioned bedrooms
when summer comes..
no matter what to the man in scorchy heat..
no matter what to the one struggling for us..
no matter what to the person bleeding on the road..
no matter what to the girl being bet by others..
and love to stay in heated rooms
when winter showers its cold..
We, the people..
love to forget our history
love to put our heroes at the back
love to leave the hands of the needy one..
love to surrender for the happiness of a day..
We, the people..
still sitting infront of our TV sets..
still sitting infront of our PC..
giving suggestions, ideas...... in panicsome voice.. do this.. don't do this..!
not leaving our seats..
because We, the people.. love the seats..
love to stay at a safe and sound point..
stay far from the rising shores..
stay far away from the storms of the time..
we the people love to sacrifise others
for our cause
for our Next day..
in waiting for a Bright day
we love to let the burden on others' shoulder to lighten a candle..
in waiting for a sun to shine
we let others to come and fight with darkness..
we love to let the problems to get a height..
we the people..
still letting others..
to sacrifise the positions.. peace.. happiness.. comfort..
while desiring for all the aforesaid..
how can we get what we desire while sitting infront of our PC..?
how can we achieve what we wish while waiting in our heated rooms..?
how can we obtain what we love to while staying in warm blankets..?

"Agar tum na utt'hay to wo tumhari jaga kisi or Qaum ko lay aaega.." (Al-Quran)

Eid Mubarak With no Stopages to our Movement for Freedom of Judiciary and True Democracy.

Jaanisaar of CJ {Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry} wishes you and the people of Pakistan Eid Mubarik. On this occasion, our hearts go out to those judges who sacrificed their careers for the people of Pakistan by saying no to Musharraf; we salute the lawyers for providing hope to our nation and the students and civil society for their courage in facing the regime's brutal repression. We vow to not rest until our hero judges are restored. We urge the society at large to ready themselves for sacrifice and participate wholeheartedly in the movement for an independent judiciary. If we remain united and persistent in our movement, there is no question that we have the intelligence, creativity and numbers to defeat the establishment hands down. Lets promise, this Eid, to not give up until the judges are restored.

"Dark clouds surround us on all sides for the moment but we are not daunted, for I am sure, if we show the same spirit of sacrifice as was shown by Ibrahim, God would rend the clouds and shower on us His blessing as He did on Ibrahim" -- M. A. Jinnah (Eid-ul-Azha message, 24 Oct 1947