Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why is Free Judiciary Most Important..?

Emergency has been decleared..!
Its Martial Law..!
Why is it for?
Are we entering in an era of war?
Answers were not be found easily as it was a dark evening of 3rd November.
I was told by an Indian Channel about imposition of Emergency or Martial Law, whatever, in Pakistan.
Friends of mine started sending SMS to ask several question been raised in their minds. And i was unable to answer them "Why has Emergency been Imposed?
"Sawat Valley was not such a critical issue on 3 November 2007, neither before to make the Govt think about imposing Emergency. If sucide attacks were the matter, then this emergency would better have been imposed during Lal Masjid's incident.What was the head-ache then..?
I ceased my thoughts and tried to find out, which institute has been suffered most after Emergency.. then got a simple answer "Judiciary and Non PCO judges.Was this the matter?What was the Judges doing in court? Planning for sucide attacks..?Conspiring against Govt..?trying to dislodge the govt...?Answer was still in NO.But the matter itched me the very moment was that the Presidency of Musharraf was being attacked and challenged by some petitioners and govt was smelling something fishy about the result. To avoid any problem, swept the Supreme Court judges by imposing Emergency and by forcing them to take fresh oath under Evil PCO.This is the whole story basically why emergency was imposed in Pakistan.Several people asked me why the Free judges most needed in this country? Why was the Govt scared of Free and fair judges and juridictions.i told them a story which i read while going through an article Named "Jungle," which was an eye-witnessed story of a person been edited and published by a columnist.
The story told that in Jinnah Super Market, Islamabad, some girls after coming out of a shop been teased by 2 boys in a car. One of the girl went to the car and slapped the boy who teased a moment ago.The very next moment, all the boys got off from car and started beating those girls. The incident been watched by more than 40 people around but nobody came for help. Even the eye-witness rushed to call 15 but didn't take a step forward to cease those dirty hands beating girls on the road in Islamic Republic of Pakistan's Capital, Islamabad. When the boys bet them alot, sat in car and rushed away. Police came after 30 minutes and took statements of people at shops and shopkeepers. The next moment, The Convoy of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shoukat Aziz crossed that point and that police van left out.When the columnist asked that eyewitness why didn't he take any step, he replied to have 5 daughters and what would happen if he help the girls on the roads and been beaten by the boys.The columnist in the end decribes the Western culture where Woman is not a symbol of Honor, but still they respect her in their limits just because of their Judiciary system which is free enough to summon a Prime Minister or Prince's son.This is why Freedom of Judiciary is the Most important goal Judges and lawyers are struggling for.How can our leaders, Prime Ministers, President or Chief Ministers digest if summons are sent to them for some reasons..?How would the feelings be of our President if he is summonned by the court for any wrong?This is not what our Govt wishes for..they want their own freedom, not the freedom of the Judiciary.Please spread the idea of freedom of Judiciary in our society.Please help them and join them if you want a safe and sound environment.

"Utt'ho wagarna Hashar hoga phir kabhi...!!"